School Policy


1. All tuition includes breakfast, hot lunches and snacks.

2. Tuition is paid in advance.

Payments are always made on the first day of your child’s attendance School for the week.

No checks are excepted.

There is a ten dollar ($10.00) charge for late tuition payment.

3. Once your trial is registered and accepted in class full payment required.

If your child is out sick for any reason the full tuition is still do.

Payment is also required during the Christmas vacation

There are no refunds whatsoever including the registration fee, holiday or drop out.

4. If a child is unable to make a satisfactory adjustment to the school within a three week. The contract may be terminated and tuition shall be payable on a prorated basis for the time in rolled.

5. A change of clothes must be kept in the school at all times.

6. All children are required to bring a crib size sheet and blanket for resting.

7. It is required that all children be vaccinated prior to registration in the school

A complete health examination by a physician must be submitted before your child starts school.

8. In the event of a child being exposed to a contagious disease, the parent must notify the school immediately! A child returning to school after such condition must present a doctors note.

9. School uniforms are to be worn Monday through Thursday. Fridays are dress down days; students are not required to wear uniforms that day.  Due to Covid-19 all student must have a mask in bookbag in case of an emergency evacuation”.